Choose Water AT Festivals

We believe that the humble water bottle can provide a great service at festivals. Hydration after the night before? We are coming to festivals around the country this year. Pick up a bottle and support a great cause.



In Public

You can find our bottles a number of UK festivals, events and just on the streets throughout 2017. We don't mind giving up our label space on the bottles, our sponsors and corporate friends can have the label. It is important that they too can support a great cause. If you see us please come and grab a bottle! 

What are the Perks of using our bottles? for our Corporate friends

People love our bottles, 98.5% of the people asked said they enjoyed the concept, the charity aspect and the unique nature of the advert.

Our click-through rate is far higher than other forms of OOH mediums. After all you are giving them a product of value and they will appreciate your message much more.

This dwell time is one of the highest in the whole advertising business. The average person takes 50 minutes to finish a bottle of water. Your message will be in their hand for almost an hour.