Ohhey Water Tales - Dai Water Splashing.

It is easy to forget when we go to the tap, or pick up a bottle of choose water...that water worship was an integral part of ancient life and is still highly revered today.

 We at Choose Water thought it would be fun to condiser the different ways in which water is honoured around the world, and has been honoured throughout history, with little snippets of information, that you might find mildly interesting

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The Dai people are a small minority residing in China and with their religion, water is a symbol of purification and signifies good will. The 'Bathing of the Budda' occurs in the last day of a three day festival celebrating the Dai New Year.

People dress up in their newest, smartest clothes and begin what is best described as a community wide water fight where splashing neighbours and loved ones is the name of the game. Sounds like a blinking good laugh to us!


 It may not be terribly well received if you chucked a bucket of water over your granny on a chilly April day in the UK (the month in which the festival takes place), but during the Dai festival it is actively encouraged as it is seen as an expression of friendship and a wish of prosperity!

Peace out for now beautiful people