Introducing the CHoose Stamp


Choose Water Stamp


The Choose Stamp is a mark given to businesses that have committed to fight the water crisis themselves. Each business that shows the Choose Stamp believes in the great work that is carried out by Water For Africa. So next time you see the stamp make sure you choose that brand over the competition, after all they care about more than just profit margins.

How does it work?

It is very simple, if your company wants to make a huge difference to people's lives then you apply for a Choose Stamp. Our selection board will then make their decision and then you give however much your business can afford to give. The Choose Stamp runs on an annual subscription basis, each year you give what you can.

THe Chosen Ones

Below you will find more information on which businesses are committed to fighting the water crisis as much as we are. Please make sure you "Choose" them whenever you can.

Liquidus Tech FInance

Liquidus is a cutting edge invoice financing company based in Central London. They save companies hassle, cash flow and time, and thanks to their dedication to WFA they are saving lives too. 

Tazza di Caffe

Tazza di Caffe is situated in the heart of Edinburgh's new town. One of the great cafés in the city. The team at Tazza have supported Choose Water from the start. Not only can you pick up a bottle of delicious water but you know that they are saving lives in Africa.


Symington Elvery

Symington Elvery is a firm of Chartered Surveyors based in London. The team have really got behind the Choose ethos and are happy to be supporting great projects each year. 

THe pantry

The Pantry team quickly took on Choose Water when we moved into Edinburgh. They share the same dedication to helping others and reducing their environmental impact as we do. Located in Stockbridge, The Pantry serves great local produce and some of the best brownies in the world.


Appetite Direct

Appetite Direct is striving to set the standard for all event caterers in social responsibility.  Nigel and his team produce award winning quality food and they are proud to fighting the water crisis in a effective way.